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Children and young people as victims of crime

Children and young people encounter crimes in different everyday situations and environments, at home, at school, during their spare time and online. The crimes can, for example, be different forms of violence or targeted on property. It can be difficult to identify a crime. It is important not to be left alone with the experience.

Examples of crimes against children and young people:

  • Assault (e.g. beating)
  • Defamation (e.g. spreading of false information)
  • Dissemination of information violating personal privacy (e.g. dissemination of private information)
  • Rape (e.g. forcing into a sexual act)
  • Sexual harassment (e.g. sexual touching)
  • Sexual abuse of a child (e.g. showing genitals to a child)
  • Criminal damage (e.g. damaging property)

Children and young people can react in many different ways due to a criminal experience. It is good to remember that reacting is normal. It is also important to identify the reactions. Parents/custodians and professionals can support children and young people. Children and young people get special treatment in criminal investigation and during the criminal process.

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