Economy of Victim Support Finland

The main funders of Victim Support Finland are the Ministry of Justice and the Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations (STEA), which manages the gaming revenue of Veikkaus Oy. In 2018, the operations were granted nearly 4,000,000 euros of government aid.

RIKU’s regional offices also acquire local funding from e.g. the municipalities. In addition to basic work, RIKU receives funding for its development operations from e.g. STEA and EU.

RIKU’s national coordination organisation is the Finnish Association for Mental Health. Funding at a national level is applied for and administered via the Finnish Association for Mental Health. Victim Support Finland’s financial information can also be found in the financial reports (In Finnish) of the Finnish Association for Mental Health.

In 2017, 66 % of RIKU’s funding was used for personnel costs. The portion of regional activities was 79 % of the total funding.