Victim Support Finland

Have you become a victim of crime or crime attempt? Or have you become a witness of crime?

Victim Support Finland offers practical advice and support to victims of crime. We also work to improve the social status of crime victims by influencing general attitudes and legislation.

Victim Support Finland (Rikosuhripäivystys) RIKUn sähköinen esite

Link to the Request form  (Yhteydenottopyyntölomake)
Customer feedback (Asiakastyytyväisyyskysely)
Criminal Justice Process Information for YOUNG Victims of Crime (Rikosprosessitietoa nuorille)
Information on Legal Aid (Oikeusapu)

Ministry of Justice (Oikeusministeriö):

Restraining order (Lähestymiskielto)
If You Become a  Victim of a Crime (Jos joudut rikoksen uhriksi)
Court mediation of disputes (Riidan sovittelu tuomioistuimessa)

Police (Poliisi):

Crimes (Rikokset)
Victims of Crime (Rikoksen uhrit)


RIKUnet is an online support service for crime victims, their near ones and witnesses of crime. RIKUnet is confidential and information secure service where you can present your questions anonymously.

RIKUnet is available 24 hours a day, so you can contact us at any time. You will get a response to your question as well as support and advice. We aim to respond to all questions within two working days and at the latest within fourr  working days.

Keep the message ID and password!
After submitting your question you will receive a message ID and a password. You will need them to get access to the response sent to you, so please write down the ID and password! Otherwise you will not be able to access the response.