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Where can I get legal aid and what does it cost?

A child who has become the victim of a crime needs an attorney, who can also act as his/her guardian, if necessary. An attorney should be obtained as soon as the crime has been reported. He/she can either be a private lawyer, a public lawyer from a legal aid office or an authorised lawyer. The government’s legal aid offices are usually located in the same municipalities as the district courts

The remuneration of a lawyer for a victim of a sexual crime, domestic violence or aggravated violence is paid by the government regardless of whether the plaintiff has an income or wealth. In other crimes, the child can receive legal aid depending on income and wealth, in which case the government will pay for his/her lawyer’s costs either partially or in full. When calculating the child’s income and wealth, the parents’ income and wealth are not taken into consideration.

A support person can be appointed at Victim Support Finland to the child and his/her loved ones free of charge, who will participate in all stages of the criminal process together with the attorney. A support person can be requested from your nearest Victim Support Finland service point or by filling in the following contact request form.

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