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Non-discrimination advice

Non-discrimination advice is part of Victim Support Finland’s (RIKU) basic advice work. Calls are mainly answered during business hours on weekdays. During other times, you can leave your contact details on our automatic answering machine.

Regional advice numbers are

South-Western Finland  050 3403580
Northern Finland 040 543 3495
Western Finland 050 572 9265
Lapland 0400 979 175
Eastern Finland (013) 221 990
Southern Finland (09) 413 50550
Central Finland 050 309 1551

Discrimination is often a crime

The non-discrimination ombudsman office is the managing authority for non-discrimination activities. RIKU provides advisory services in cooperation with the non-discrimination ombudsman office. In RIKU’s advisory services the relevant discrimination experience’s nature is discussed with the caller, as well as the action and support possibilities. Cases, which are not considered to be crimes, are referred from RIKU to other suitable support. In some cases, the caller is asked to contact the non-discrimination ombudsman office for further support and investigations.

 Have you been discriminated against, due to

  • age
  • ethnic or national origin
  • nationality
  • language
  • religion
  • beliefs
  • opinions
  • health
  • disability
  • sexual orientation
  • or due to another person-related reason?
” I was not let in the restaurant with a wheelchair although there was space.”
” I was not served in the shop, because I am from Romania.”
” I am bullied at my workplace because of my sexual orientation.”
” I was not provided an insurance, because I am a foreign national.”
” I do not move up in my career, because my employer thinks I am too old.”