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RIKUchat – online service

The chat is a quick and easy online service, where you can ask, tell about and obtain advice in regards to criminal cases.

Support and advice can be requested by the victim of crime, the victim’s relative, a witness of the criminal case or anyone who has been effected something that has happened. RIKUchat also operates as a consulting service for professionals, who encounter victims of crime or their relatives in their work.

Questions can also be asked and discussed anonymously.

The chat is open on weekdays (9 am – 3 pm) and also on Mondays at 5 pm – 7 pm. To chat, click on the right-hand lower edge of the page. The chat operates mainly in Finnish language.

If you want to contact our services in English, we recommend to use the contact request form.

If you use chat on a personal computer, check and clear your notifications if necessary after the conversation. Depending on the computer settings, chat conversations or parts of them may be visible in notifications. On a Windows computer, notifications can be found in the bottom right corner of the taskbar from an icon resembling a speech bubble.