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Service for victims of human trafficking and related crimes

Victim Support Finland has a special support service whose staff is specialized in advising and helping victims of human trafficking and related crimes.

You can get in contact with the special support service when:

  • you need information about human trafficking
  • you wonder if you or your client may have been a victim of human trafficking or other similar exploitation
  • you need information or guidance about for example the victim’s rights, services, reporting a crime or how it may affect the victim’s situation.

The employees can help you if you, for example, consider getting an assistant and potential cost involved. You can also get a support person via the special support service who is specialized in helping victims of human trafficking.

The contact is always confidential and if necessary, you can contact us anonymously already when you are considering whether you dare to take the matter further and what consequences this may have. Clients in the special support service may have been victims of, for example, labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, forced marriage or forced criminality.

You can become a client regardless of gender, place of residence or nationality and you can contact us in your native language. If necessary, a reliable interpreter can be used during the contact.


  • By email: help@riku.fi
  • By phone (also by SMS or WhatsApp) from Monday to Friday at 13 – 16: +358 40 632 9293