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Support person from a service point

The support person is for you. He/she can come with you to a police interrogation and a trial. You can confidentially discuss any emotions that a criminal case has caused with the support person. He/she will help you obtain further help and will provide up-to-date practical advice on issues related to the criminal procedure. The support person service is free of charge. The support persons are either RIKU’s professionals or volunteers, who have been appointed and trained for the task, and who are professionally managed.

RIKU has 31 service points across Finland. You can ask for a support person and receive other support and advice at one of the service points. We also help in applying for a restraining order, in compensation cases and in acquiring an attorney, and we also clarify any possible cost effects.  In the contact information list, you can check your nearest service point and its contact details. Our service points are mainly open during office hours, but if necessary, you can ask for evening appointments.