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Who are the services intended for?

The aim of Victim Support Finland (RIKU) is to improve the position of victims of crime, their loved ones and witnesses in criminal cases e.g. by producing low threshold support and guidance services.

RIKU can help if

  • you are a victim of crime or you suspect you are a victim of crime
  • someone close to you has become a victim of crime
  • you are a witness in a criminal case
  • your customer has become a victim of crime
  • you would like advice or discussion help related to a crime you have faced
  • you would like advice as a professional/volunteer on your customer’s case

You will receive support and advice at your own terms. You will receive answers for e.g. the following questions

  • How and where do I report a crime?
  • What is preliminary investigation, consideration of charges, mediation?
  • When can punishment be demanded and what importance does it have?
  • How can compensation be claimed and how much can be claimed?
  • What happens after the police hearing?
  • How can a restraining order be applied for?
  • Who pays for legal costs?
  • What is an attorney needed for?
  • Where can I find an attorney?
  • What happens in court?
  • How do I react to media?
  • Where can I get practical advice?
  • Who can give me emotional support?

You can contact us by phone or online. You can also agree on a personal appointment at a local service point. If you wish, you can also contact us anonomously. RIKU is committed to complying with the ethical principles of voluntary phone and online support. This means that we enable confidential discussions anonymously. The support services are based on professionally managed voluntary work.

Typical crimes for which our services are required include domestic violence, other assaults, sexual crimes, robberies, homicides, property crimes, crimes of honour, harassment, stalking and various personal property crimes.

We respect your right of self-determination and we are bound by confidentiality. All our services are free of charge, excluding telephone charges. RIKU does not make profit on phone charges.

RIKU’s national privacy policy