Support our operations

Victim Support Finland is a non-profit organisation, and its main funding is provided by Finland’s Slot Machine Association RAY and the government. We need more resources for our operations as the number of people in need of support increases. If you wish to support the support operations of victims of crime, you can participate by making a donation or purchasing advertising space from our RIKU magazine.


Via the Finnish Association for Mental Health:
FI23 8000 1800 2830 05 (Danske Bank 800018-283005)
FI52 1572 3000 3722 19 (Nordea 157230-372219)


Use the reference number 14054 or write Rikosuhripäivystys (Victim Support Finland) in the message field for your donations.

Finnish Association for Mental Health’s fundraising permission

POL-2015-8781. Valid 1/1/2016 - 31/12/2017 throughout Finland exluding the Åland Islands. The permission has been granted on 30/11/2015 by the National Board of Police.

RIKU magazine

Victim Support Finland annually publishes three issues of the RIKU magazine. The magazine deals with topical issues related to the position of victims.
By purchasing advertising space in the magazine, you also support RIKU’s operations. You can purchase advertising space in the magazine by sending an email to