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Do I need an attorney in trial?

Simple and clear criminal case, which do not concern complex and extensive damages, can be handled without an advisor. For example, in fraud crimes or crimes of damage, where the damages can be demonstrated with e.g. Receipts, an advisor is not always needed.

The prosecutor drives the criminal case and punishment demands at trial. The victim may request the prosecutor to also drive his/her own claims for compensation. The request can be made to the police already during the preliminary investigation. In this case, it may be sufficient that the victim sends the district court his/her itemised and detailed claims for compensation in writing. If the victim does not want to be heard for so-called witness purposes, he/she may not need to be present during the trial.

If greater damage has been caused by the crime, it may be reasonable to use an advisor. Particularly in violence and sexual crimes, the claims for compensation usually need more justification. Other similar situations may be e.g. Honor related crimes or home peace. Attorneys can explain the type of claims for compensation that can be made, on what basis and to what extent.

The victim does not always claim for compensation, but wants the offender to take responsibility for the offense. In this case, an attorney at trial may be appropriate. An attorney is particularly important if the defendant denies the act. In this case, an attorney can assist in settling the criminal case.