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What if the offender does not pay compensation?

Even if the offender should pay compensation for damages caused by the crime, this does not always happen. The payment of ordered compensation can be agreed directly with the offender or they can be asked to be recovered by a bailiff. A copy of the court’s verdict can be obtained from the district court office free of charge, which can be delivered together with the application for enforcement matters to the local enforcement agency.

In some cases, compensation can also be paid by the State Treasury or Kela. Property damages are usually not compensated by the State Treasury, unless they have incurred in connection with assault. It is also worth checking the possibilities of compensation of voluntary insurance policies from you own insurance company.

Being paid compensation depends on the case. Victim Support Finland can help you with this. You can leave a contact request and we will contact you as soon as possible. You can also ask for advice in compensation matters from Victim Support Finland’s legal advice.