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What to do, if the crime was committed abroad?

Victim Support Finland (RIKU) is an organisation operating in Finland, which offers support and advice for victims of crime, their loved ones and witnesses in criminal cases. It is possible that a person who has become a victim of crime abroad needs support and advice in terms of the criminal procedures, as well as crisis services after returning to Finland. A foreigner residing in Finland may also become a victim of crime in Finland and need help before returning to their home country or in order to handle matters from abroad.

Handling a criminal procedure from abroad is usually complicated. Victim Support Finland helps victims at different stages of the process, as well as with creating contacts to local operators for victims of crime.

You can also contact Victim Support Finland’s info points from abroad. You can leave a contact request by filling in a contact form or by calling the info point directly.

The pan-European crime victim support phone number 116 006 will connect to the local service upon calling the number. The number is in use in about ten EU countries.

The umbrella organisation for the European crime victim organisations, Victim Support Europen (VSE), has information for other support services offered in European countries. The helpers in each country know that country’s practises and legislation best, and RIKU co-operates with them.

VSE works to improve the victim’s position in Europe and to develop the co-operation networks in practical assistance situations. In the EU Victims’ Rights Directive, there are regulations on the rights of victims residing in another member state (Article 17).