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Other crimes

Illegal threat

It is a case of an illegal threat, if you threaten another person with a weapon or threaten in any other way with a crime in such conditions that the person being threatened has reason to fear for his/her own or on behalf of another person’s personal safety or fear that their property is under serious threat.


There will be charges for stalking, if a person repetitively threatens, follows, observes, contact or in another comparable manner unlawfully stalks another in such a way that it can cause fear and anxiety in the person being stalked, is punishable, unless the offense is subject to an equally strict or stricter punishment, for stalking with a fine or imprisonment for up to two years.  Stalking is a crime that is subject to official charges.

Violation of freedom of communication

A person is guilty of violating freedom of communication, if he/she repetitively sends messages or calls another person in such a way that the act is likely to cause considerable interference or harm.  The regulation extends the punishability of intefering communications to other communications media, and punishability is no longer tied to the call or message being received in the scope of domestic peace. The punishment scales from a fine to up to six months of imprisonment. Violation of the freedom of communication is a crime in which the prosecution rests with the plaintiff.