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School bullying hurts and may make life difficult still as an adult

School bullying may involve name-calling, threatening, annulment, isolation, pushing, hitting or damaging another’s property. Bullying at school and during free time is everyday life for thousands of children and young people.

According to some estimates, approximately 15 percent of children and young people encounter bullying and violence in school. The use of violence, threatening, infamation and damaginf another’s property is prohibited by law and it may also meet the criteria of a criminal offense. The offender may be liable to criminal charges and compensation for his/her actions.

According to Finnish law, children under the age of 15 years are not legally liable, but he/she may still be liable to compensated for damages. Bullied children and young people have to put up with nervousness, fear and anxiety on a daily basis. The negative emotions caused by bullying and violence quickly have an impact on a child’s self-esteem and mind. At its worst, an experience of bullying may make life difficult still as an adult. Recurrying bullying is violence – and violence always leaves a mark. Violence impacts the lives of all parties in some way.

School bullying can lead to a punishment

School bullying is not separately referred to in the Criminal Code, but procedures used are often similar as in other crimes. Bullying may involve violence, extortion, theft, damage, threats, limiting freedom, forcing or defamation. In which case, they could lead to a punishment. Schol bullying may also just involve psychological violence, which is difficult to defend ourselves from.

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