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What is a traffic crime? – Crimes that take place in traffic

Endangering of traffic safety

If you intentionally, or due to negligence, break the safety rules of road traffic, it is a case of endangering traffic safety.  If a driver of a motor vehicle intenionally or due to gross negligence significantly exceeds the allowed speed limit, neglects the obligation to stop or obligation to give way in road safety, it is a case of aggravated endangering of road safety. If the driver attempts to overtake when the visibility is poor or when overtaking is forbidden, this is a case of endangering road safety.  This section is also met, if traffic rules are violated in cases comparable to these mentioned cases.

Drink driving

If driving a motorised vehicle after consuming alcohol so that the blood alcohol content while driving or after driving is at least 0.5 promilles or there is 0.22 milligrams of alcohol in the exhaled breath, it is a case of drink driving. It is also a case of drink driving, if you drive a motorised vehicle after consuming a narcotic so that the active substance or its metabolite is present in blood while driving or after driving.

Aggravated drink driving

It is a case of aggravated drink driving, when the blood alcohol content is at least 1.2 promilles or there is at least 0.53 milligrams of alcohol per litre in the exhaled air. You will also be guilty of aggravated drink driving if your ability to perform required actions is clearly weakened or you have used other narcotics than alcohol or such substance and alcohol in such a way that the ability to carry out required performances is clearly weakened and the conditions are such that the offence is likely to constitute a danger to the safety of others.