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Equality at Victim Support Finland

Victim Support Finland wants all its customers to have equal access to its services. All our employees and volunteers have the right to work for us without being discriminated against in any way.

Victim Support Finland has had an equality plan in place since 2019. The plan addresses possible grounds for discrimination, how equality needs to be promoted, and how discrimination must be dealt with in all our activities. We develop and revise our services continuously to ensure that they are equally accessible to all our customers and that the needs of minorities are always taken into account.

We keep an eye on how the equality plan works and revise it when necessary to reflect changed circumstances.

We have zero toleration for all discrimination.

The measures listed in our equality plan aim to combat all forms of inequalities whether based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, language, religious faith, disability or social status.

Our equality plan also lists persons who are responsible for putting the plan into action and for monitoring its efficiency.

Victim Support Finland has declared itself a discrimination-free zone.

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