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Trainings, happenings and seminars

RIKU basic courses for volunteers

As RIKU’s operations expand, more volunteers are constantly needed. Our volunteer workers can operate as on-call phone operators, in online work and as support persons. Read more about our volunteering operations

We regularly train volunteers for our operations around Finland. Our basic courses last approx. 40-60h. Before the training, a joint assessment is carried out with a RIKU worker about the content of the work and its suitability for the applicant.

If there is no training due to begin in your area in the near future, you can contact our nearest regional office or service point and express your interest and contact details.

We check the criminal background of every volunteer from the Legal Register Centre (Act 148/2014) (In Finnish)

We update the details for the basic courses as the schedules of the courses are confirmed. New RIKU basic courses for volunteers in the near future (In Finnish)