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The Finnish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings (IKV Platform)

The Finnish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in human beings (or the IKV Platform for its Finnish acronym) is a network of civil society organizations and researchers. The purpose of the Platform is to distribute and to provide information about action against Trafficking in Human Beings and victim assistance, as well as to join forces to advocate for the improvement and strengthening of anti-trafficking actions and victim assistance structures. The Platform is coordinated by Victim Support Finland.

The principles of the network have currently been signed by the following civil society actors:

Also other actors, such as the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI ) and International Organization for Migration are closely involved in the work of the Platform.

The National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator and other relevant authorities may participate in the meetings of the Platform.

If you are a civil society actor who wants to join the Platform’s activities or e-mail list, please contact Pia Marttila (, Coordinator of Assistance to Victims of Trafficking at Victim Support Finland.

Cooperation within the IKV Platform

The aim of the Platform

The aim of the IKV Platform is to bring together civil society actors and researchers in order to share knowledge and experiences in combating trafficking in human beings and assisting victims of trafficking, as well as to influence the structures through which victim assistance and work against trafficking can be improved and strengthened.

The Platform aims to

  • Promote the sharing of information and knowledge between different actors
  • Develop and maintain an overview of human trafficking in Finland
  • Develop the assistance provided by civil society actors to victims of trafficking
  • Advocate for the development of governmental anti-trafficking actions and victim assistance
  • Promote co-operation between civil society actors as well as between civil society organizations and the academia
  • Follow policies, best practices and legislation related to human trafficking at national and international levels
  • Share information on human trafficking as a global phenomenon and strategies to prevent it in Finland and in other origin, transit and destination countries

The values and rationale of the Platform

The members of the Platform work based on each organization’s own values and working methods. The diversity of organizations ensures that the members of the network can reach a broad scale of audiences, and enables an open and versatile dialogue that includes different viewpoints. The members of the network are united by a commitment to action against human trafficking and a victim-centered approach to human trafficking. The Members also share a desire to work together to achieve these objectives, and to promote the practical implementation of commitments set out in human trafficking related international agreements and directives.

In spite of differences in the backgrounds of the organizations, the work of all members of the Platform is strongly based on a respect for human rights and related international declarations and agreements. As a platform, the Finnish Civil Society Platform against Trafficking in Human Beings is independent of any political ideology or religion.

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